Ranked Choice NY is building a movement to put more power in the hands of votersβ€”where it belongsβ€”by bringing Ranked Choice Voting to local and statewide elections throughout the Empire State.


We need to work together to make our elections fairer.


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Ranked Choice Voting allows you to vote for who you want and have that vote matter.


Ranked Choice Voting opens the door to more candidates, especially non-traditional and diverse candidates, who more accurately represent New Yorkers.


Ranked Choice Voting ensures that winning candidates have broader support within their community.

Building the Movement

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We have volunteers from over 30 cities across New York... and we'd love for you and your hometown to join us!


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Book an Expert Speaker to Teach Your Organization about Ranked Choice Voting

We have an in-house team of Ranked Choice Voting experts, and we offer virtual presentations about how it works and how you can help bring it across New York State.


Use the calendar below to book one of our expert speakers.Β  If you’d like to book us in the next 7 days or for an in-person event, please email us at outreach@rankedchoiceny.org