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Together, we can build a fairer democracy and bring the political power back to New Yorkers—where it belongs.

Upcoming Events

Monthly Statewide Meeting on June 27th at 7 PM

RSVP below to learn more about Ranked Choice Voting and how we can work together to bring it to New York State.

Voter Outreach

Do you want to talk to people and bring them into the Ranked Choice Voting Movement?


We're bringing our awesome volunteers right to the people across several cities on the following dates:


June 12-13

June 19-20


Interested? Sign up and we'll get you ready to go out into the field in no time!

Book an Expert Speaker to Teach Your Organization about Ranked Choice Voting

We have an in-house team of Ranked Choice Voting experts, and we offer virtual presentations about how it works and how you can help bring it across New York State.


Use the calendar below to book one of our expert speakers.  If you’d like to book us in the next 7 days or for an in-person event, please email us at